Voltage supervision and power supplies

Besides the fault annunciating and telecontrol technology the EES product portfolio also contains industry electronic components e.g. for voltage supervision or for the conversion of supply voltages. All devices are characterized by compact dimensions, a high degree of effectiveness and longlasting technology.

We produce efficient power supplies and voltage supervision devices. Among other things our range contains power supply units, buffer chargers with accumulators and DC/ DC converters. Our devices do not only serve the usual standard voltages, but also support the special operating voltages 12 V, 48 V, 60 V, 110 V and 220 V. For Low power data loggers, which are being operated without coverage about the mains supply, there are next to accumulator packs and solar cell panel installations also long time batteries available, providing a stand-alone function of up to 12 months.

Voltage supervision

Voltage supervision
The supervision relays are compactly designed and are suitable for mounting in the distribution cabinet.

The voltage supervision is carried out separately for every phase, so not only the mean average value of the voltages, but the actual asymmetry and the individual phase failure is being recognized. In addition the neutral conductor is also supervised on break. Limiting values can be adjusted through potentiometers.

The corresponding types are shown in the datasheet of the EUW-Series.

AC/DC-power supplies

AC/DC-power supplies
Our portfolio also contains wide range switched mode power supplies, which are ideal suitable as a power supply for telecontrol engineering or fault annunciating devices.

The performance features can be taken from the datasheet of the WSN-series.

Buffer chargers

Мониторинг на напрежението
Buffer chargers allow the safe and uninterruptable supply of the connected consumers with an accumulator buffering. An intelligent microprocessor based control ensures the optimal usage of the accumulator capacity and prevents an overload.

If a safe transmission of the last state in a facility in the event of a power failure is sufficient, buffered DC power supplies put themselves forward, based on ultracapacitors as energy storage. These ensure a maintenance-free operation of up to 30 years acc. to the ambient conditions.

The broad input voltage range from 115…230 V AC is being monitored for operation as well as the charging status by 2 potential isolated contacs and 3 LEDs.

– PLG-Buffer charger with Accu-backup
– CBS-Buffer charger
 with ultra capacitors