We are now pleased to announce that we have launched our new service – THE MOBILE TESTING LABORATORY for offline diagnostic electrical tests and measurements of Rotating Electrical Machines and Power Transformers.

In order to offer you more comprehensive professional services, Intertest Ltd. is now offering extended on-site measurement and test services to our current and future clients. We are expanding our range of services to give you the one-stop diagnostic advice you deserve. We strongly believe that no competing product comes close in terms of features, time for reaction, and price.

Advantages of The Mobile Testing Lab

  • Fast response time
  • Minimum setup time
  • Testing on site
  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of tests and measurements

The test van combines the latest diagnostic testing equipment and mobile test arrangements. All of the equipment installed in the test van is prepared for direct use on the test subject. Time for preparation of the test setup will be reduced to the minimum.

You no longer need to transport your rotating machine or transformer in order to be measured and tested at a workshop laboratory or a test bay. Our mobile testing laboratory will allow you to keep your equipment on site and let it be measured and tested at its operating location. The test van is equipped for performing all kinds of diagnostic electrical measurements and tests, including Partial Discharge, Tangent Delta measurement and Surge test.

Our aim is to ensure that your equipment is reliable without interrupting your process for a long period of time. In order to conduct the agreed measurements and tests, we just need to park our test van as close as possible to the test object and let it be disconnected from the power lines. We don’t need to prepare equipment and rely on transportation companies to move it to the site. We simply drive with our test van to your plant, and the equipment will be available with our test engineers.

There will be no limitation in terms of the kind of rotating electrical machines.

Overview of the type of measurements and tests that we can offer with our mobile testing laboratory:

Test/Measurement DescriptionReferenceLimit
Measurement of the DC-resistance of the stator/rotor windingIEC 60034-2-1
IEEE Std. 67
Measurement of the stator/rotor winding or coil inductance at 1 kHzSpecific---
Measurement of the insulation resistance, polarization index
and step voltage of the winding and accessories
IEEE Std. 43
IEEE Std. 432
10 kV DC
Function test of accessories and sensorsSpecific---
Stator/rotor winding Surge testIEC 60034-15
IEEE Std. 522
12 kV
Rotor winding voltage drop testIEEE Std. 1665400 V AC
Rotor winding RSO testIEEE Std. 1665---
Polarity testSpecific---
Stator/rotor winding Hi-pot testIEC 60034-120 kV AC
50 kV DC
Stator winding Tangent Delta measurementIEC 60034-27-3
EN 50209
20 kV 800 nF
Stator winding Partial Discharge measurement (Off-line)IEC 60034-27-1
IEEE Std. 1434
20 kV 800 nF
Shaft voltage measurementIEEE Std. 115---
Bearing insulation resistance measurementAPI 541---
Stator/rotor core testIEEE Std. 1719
IEEE Std. 56
IEEE Std. 62.2