Multi-functional test system for
medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers


Static contact resistance test
CIBANO 500 checks for a low transmission resistance on the closed breaker to ensure that the load current flows with low losses.

Dynamic contact resistance test
This test records the contact resistance value during circuit breaker operation and delivers information to you about wear-related problems with main and arcing contacts. The test can also be carried out without rewiring. When combined with the motion/contact travel test you can additionally determine the length and condition of the arcing contacts.

Minimum pick-up test
CIBANO 500 determines the minimum voltage necessary to trip and close a circuit breaker. This test is to make sure that your equipment can also be reliably operated in case of a low DC supply. You can set the pass/fail level to a certain percentage of the nominal value. By applying short pulses with increasing amplitudes and breaks in-between CIBANO 500 makes sure that the trip coils don’t heat up during testing. As a result, the test becomes safer and easier for you.

Timing tests
CIBANO 500 assesses the main contact timing and the delta timing. It can detect incorrect mechanical adjustments or wear phenomena of your circuit breakers by measuring differences between the fastest and slowest phase. By analyzing their opening and closing time it can detect aging-related phenomena of the circuit breakers. Possible sequences: O, C, CO, OC, O-CO, CO-CO, O-CO-CO. You can carry out all sequence tests with completely flexible timing.

Coil/motor current analysis
CIBANO 500 records the current signature curve of the coils and motors during the circuit breaker operation. Deviations from the expected signature show possible electrical or mechanical defects of the trip or close coils as well as of the release latch. The trend of motor currents shows you the power needed by the motor. Elevated current levels indicate a potential electrical fault in the motor.

Undervoltage condition test
To date, measuring the impact of an undervoltage supply on a close and trip operation was only a rough simulation, because the simulated supply voltage could not be adjusted accurately and continuously. Using CIBANO 500’s adjustable power supply, you simply set an exact undervoltage of the nominal value and measure the respective behavior of the circuit breaker’s coils.